Client Testimonials

Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association extends its appreciation to Misha Glouberman and his unconference format which was a tremendous success at this year’s annual meeting. Participants commented that the session was “fun, interactive as well as productive,” and “a wonderful way to get varied discussion on many types of subjects.” Participants much appreciated the unique and very effective approach to beginning the CMA’s annual meeting. Thank you Misha for this great addition to this year’s program.

Melinda Lauzon, Canadian Medical Association

Walter Gordon Symposium on Public Policy (University of Toronto)

Thank you for your wonderful participation in this year’s Symposium. You did everything we asked of you and more. You made the evening roll along at the right pace, with the right intelligence and provocativeness, and in the right mood. We’ve received rave feedback. Your moderation of our symposium’s opening night had just the right touches and deftness

Michael Valpy, Senior Fellow, Massey College, University of Toronto

Abrigo Centre

I was very happy with the work that you did.  You were able to fulfill all my requirements of the facilitator.  I have often been not completely satisfied.

You have an amazing ability to work the group and engage everyone.  You seem like one of the most considerate people around yet you bring clearly defined structure to keep it very productive.  Those two abilities often do not come together.  And you were able to ask the questions in a very creative manner which people really appreciated and it got them thinking. I will pass your name on to my colleagues.

Cristina Santos, Executive Director, Abrigo Centre, Toronto

Osgoode Law School - York University

Misha was a fabulous facilitator.  He helped bring a diverse committee used to traditional conferences on board with the idea of an unconference through his down to earth manner combined with the ability to make each committee member feel like their voice was heard and taken seriously.  On the day of the event Misha used these same skills as well as wonderful sense of humour to foster a productive and fun event for a diverse group of students, alumni and faculty.  Throughout the day I repeatedly heard, some version of "Who is that guy?  He's great!"

Stephanie Ben-Ishai, Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School

Meeting Professionals International Mid America Conference

Having been an attendee at the national MPI WEC Conference, I had attended one of Misha Glouberman’s standing room only sessions on Unconferences. Misha’s session was one of the highlights of this prestigious international conference! I felt that Misha’s unique presentation style would really work well at our Unconference session at the MPI Mid America Conference.

With many nationally and internationally respected speakers presenting, Misha was not only well received, but he had the top speaker and session ratings for the entire conference! Misha’s dynamic and energetic presentation created a conversation that kept going well after the session, throughout the entire conference and beyond. I very highly recommend Misha Glouberman and his session on unconferences.

Diana Hisey, MPI Mid America Conference

Syracuse University

Just to to express my heartfelt thanks for your wonderful presentation.  We could not have asked for a better start to the Symposium!  The office has been inundated with praise for your presentation -- I don't think we've ever had a presentation that so many people found so immensely helpful and relevant.

Dympna C. Callaghan, William L. Safire Professor of Modern Letters, Syracuse University

College Of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Misha conducts a conversation like an improvisational orchestral piece (guided, but permitted to go where it needs to).  This permitted our Board to engage in extremely productive strategic planning. The result was a strategic plan, achieved in record time, that received unanimous approval and support.  All participants found the process to be transparent, respectful and, as an unexpected benefit, fun.

Although he makes it look easy at the meetings, we were aware of the extensive planning behind Misha's facilitation success.  We would not hesitate to recommend him for any type of group discussion but especially endorse him for strategic planning.

Shenda Tanchak, CEO, College of Physiotherapists of Ontario

Book and Periodical Council of Canada

Misha Glouberman is a dynamic, multi-talented facilitator. We really enjoyed working with him and he was a great help to our group.

Annie McClelland, Executive Director, Book and Periodical Council 

CopyCamp - Creators' Rights Alliance

Misha Glouberman was part of the team that masterminded the first CopyCamp, an "unconference" for artists about technology, art and copyright hosted by the Creators' Rights Alliance. This was the first time such a participant-driven, "wiki" approach had been used in the arts community, and used to bring together people with strongly held and different views on a very controversial subject. None of us knew if it would work, if the generation divide could be bridged, and if serious exchange would take place.

It was Misha Glouberman, the host and animator of the event, who brought the creation together in the end. His engagement, his singular talents as a host with a light touch and serious brain power made our event work. CopyCamp 2008 took place in May of this year. Back by popular request, with Misha again taking a key role in its design and planning, in web communications and at the mike, it too was a success. Many participants were back for a second time. Conversations and the alliances established in the first were continued.

If you have a project involving people and ideas and public encounters, you need Misha on your team.

Susan Crean, The Creators' Rights Alliance

National Film Board of Canada and St Michael's Hospital

Misha turned our meeting into a life-changing event. He helped us bring together over 100 people from all walks of life - from the streets to corridors of power - for an entire day. Misha helped us strip away all the things that get in the way of people really communicating. He re-organized us so we could find ways of talking to each other about real solutions, systemic changes, as well as life's bigger mysteries and philosophies. Before the big day, Misha spent a lot of time getting to know us, getting to understand what needed to happen, so that it could happen "organically" when the time came. Misha is a rare fusion of a super-smart, analytical, organized planner who also has a keen and natural sense and intuition for timing, pacing and above all humor.

Kat Cizek, NFB Filmmaker-in-Residence

Canadian Music Centre

Misha’s collaborative consultation process shaped our New Music in New Places Symposium into a much more successful event. His moderation of the evening’s proceedings not only displayed his unique insight and experience, but more importantly stimulated our participants to engage deeply in the discussion. Misha’s powerful skills of interpretation and synthesis helped take our collective conversation to much deeper and more meaningful places. The feedback from our delegates has been nothing but positive. I would certainly welcome bringing Misha’s generous sprit and passionate interest in collaborative learning to future CMC events.

Jason van Eyk, Ontario regional director of the Canadian Music Centre