Press Quotes

“Misha Glouberman turns a Q-and-A session into a surprisingly sincere collaboration.”
          - Toronto Globe and Mail

“Reinventing the way stakeholders collaborate with decision makers”
          - The Harvard Business Review on TransitCamp

“[a] hilariously engaging facilitator”
          - Now Magazine on Misha Glouberman

 "A mop-topped mix of Peter Mansbridge's smarts and Conan O'Brien's wit."
          - Toronto Globe and Mail on Misha Glouberman

“The atmosphere in the room is like a cross between an asylum and the best carnival in the world.”
          - Eye Weekly on Open Cobra

"They've been doing this for several years up in Toronto… and now New Yorkers are in its thrall. Clearly, we love it."
          - The Village Voice on The Trampoline Hall Lecture Series

 "A triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy... The world is better for these humane and hilarious essays."
          - The New Yorker on The Chairs are Where The People Go

"Humanizing relationships one event at a time"
          - Meeting Professionals International One+ Magazine